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Nathaniel Update

Well, here is another update from the home of my sister Marie and her fine husband Troy. Their son My nephew Nathaniel is now three months old. Quite a bright, active, and handsome little fellow by all accounts, though the doctor said at his last checkup that he was short and fat compared to other kids his age. Well, so was I. There’s hope he’ll be tall and fat, or even tall and not-so-very-fat, someday. Anyway, for now, he’s adorable.

They’ve been sending me pics, but I’ve been a bit lax about posting them, just from having so much else to get done. Finally, I am catching up on it, and I’ve got all the unposted pics sent to me over the last few months included here. Click on the pics below to see the full-sized pic as a popup.

Seeing these pics, from so far away, I feel like I’m missing out on something special. And the moment I feel that, I also feel full of gratitude toward my father. For really being with us when he was around, and for the time he had to sacrifice away from us when work called him away, I feel thankful. I used to complain about how he had to go on the road, but now I see what a hard thing it could be.

Or maybe not. I’m sure my Mom occasionally longed for a few days off. And to Mom for her sacrifices for us, which were also many and hard. Those two really played for keeps when they raised us. Which in most ways had good enough results, and for that I and my sisters are grateful, even when we don’t say it.

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