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Books I read this weekend

I read a couple of interesting books last weekend. The first is a hardcover novel by one of my favorite SF writers of all time, Bruce Sterling. The novel, which is titled The Zenith Angle, is even closer to the mainstream than Sterling’s previous novel, Zeitgeist, which was more of a postmodernist parable about technology and the world. (Or perhaps, though some would recoil, a kind of postmodernist magical-realist representation of the 20th Century.)

This novel is more of a geek’s Tom Clancy, or at the very least a geek’s look at the world of spooks, technoespionage, and what internet security may mean for the world. There are some wonderful bits in there.

The second book was a total change of pace: Christianity and Marxism: A Philosophical contribution to their reconciliation, by Andrew Collier. It’s a University library-type book, put out by Routledge, and that makes it the kind of thing no average Joe like me buys to have in his home collection but worth a browse just the same. It was first published in 1991, says the copyright page, but it seems about as current as anything written on the subject recently.

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