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Lime Test, Holidays, and Timetable

Lime’s just finished her last tests today. I messaged her about it, congratulating her and all, and the response, very brief, was a thankee and that she was sleeping, which if you ask me is good as it is well-earned rest. I’m quite proud of her, it’s been a rather intense set of exams. Unfortunately, my holiday schedule and hers do not coincide: I have a week more at camp before I am free free free! That’s okay, she’s recovering and visiting her mom in the meantime.

Happily, she has a month off, starting today. I simply must have my wisdom teeth out, as they’re causing all these repeated infections, but once I’ve recovered from that, we’re talking about a short trip. We’ll see what happens.

Finally: I had been bitchily complaining about having to come into the office on Saturday to make my schedule; the Uni has asked us to take care of three major things—schedules preparation, packing up our office, and submitting all kinds of docs to interview for a promotion—all during the most intense 3 weeks of the whole year, during the camps.

However, seeing my wonderful new schedule (which may or may not stay absolutely wonderful, with Fridays free, but is likely to be relatively wonderful in terms of the arrangement of most of the classes, which are likely to be very stable), I can’t bring myself to complain. I just hope the whole promotion thing goes through (for myself and everyone I’m working with, too) without major hitches. The situation is starting to be more similar to the kind of thing other uni jobholders describe to me, which is reassuring and gives me something to look forward to for the spring semester.

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