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There’s a new English-language Korea portal up out there. It’s called connectKorea, and some of the media in the subpages is actually worth looking at. They’ve linked to me, and emailed to check it’s okay, which is always nice.

The “texts” section has a few very interesting things, including a quick infosheet on the “Blood Types” myth so popular here in Korea, and a depressing graphic that suggests there are many more child prostitutes per capita in South Korea than anywhere else in the world, according to UNICEF estimates. And finally, a funny documentary about the Asian squat, something I wish I could do, but can’t. Maybe repeated viewings of this video will help me? Hmmm.

ConnectKorea seems quite open to link submissions, and they seem like stand-up types from the “About” page; we’ll see how it goes, I guess…

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