Lime’s Published!

Last night, when I met Lime for dinner, she presented me with a book. Now, it’s a book in Korean, and you may not be able to guess why I was so proud of her when she gave it to me. The reason is, the book extensively quotes her writings. See, when she was living […]

How To Tell Japs From The Chinese

That’s the subject of this article from a 1941 issue of Life magazine, to which a link was provided by the marvelous Oranckay. It seems ridiculous and over the top to see images like these: … but then again, I occasionally still hear (Korean) people claiming they can, on sight, differentiate between Koreans, Japanese, and […]

Images From Iraq and Iran

Two links via Raed in the Middle: An Iranian telling Bush what he thinks of th blue-tipped finger images from Iraq, and a look at what I think Iraqis will probably remember about the American occupation. (Warning, the images are very graphic, and some of you may regret clicking through. But it’s also reality, and […]

Creation Science Is No Kind of Science

via Holbrook at Tedious and Brief?, here’s a link to an article on the nonsensical arguments creationists use against evolution. As Holbrook quips, Gravity is a theory, dumbass. It’s worth reading if for nothing else than arming yourself against the irrationalists.