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T-Shirt Contest

No, Shawn, not THAT kind of T-shirt contest. The shirts are not (necessarily) wet.

No, you see, Viridian Pope Bruce Sterling has another design contest on, this time a T-shirt design contest. The deadline is March 2nd, which leaves only a little time, but I’m sure some of you out there can do up some really nice designs. The prize is pretty cool, though for me, the process of designing it was fun in itself. The shirt is supposed to convey not the dark image of how absolutely screwed up the world is ecologically, because anyone who’s honest and intelligent already knows that. The shirt’s supposed to emblematize visionary qualities we all must, and can, have wherever we are.

This is the entry I did up today:

You can click on the image to get a better look. As for how I made it…

Well, I thought up the image but originally I imagined it as a kind of Asian line-drawing, you know, the calligraphic brushstroke image kind of thing. Except of course I can’t do that at all. So I simply sketched out something, and then inked it, and photographed it with my camera. A bit of photoshopping (which was hard since I’m not used to using that program yet) and I finally came up with the design you see above. Not bad for my first T-shirt design, huh?

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