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Al Legoric’s Note to Starcraft Federation Headquarters…

Dear Starcraft Federation Headquarters,

We have received your transmission, and regret to report that as a result, morale among the Federation troops is not good. Requesting permission to speak freely to the Starship Command Council, specific complaints of the troopers warrant the following observations.

1. In the interests of morale, it is preferable not to offer troopers a “promotion” which involves a surprise a “pay-cut”. It is further preferable not to spring this news a week after the troopers have already accepted the “promotion”, and been under the impression that they were receiving a raise, rather than a “pay-cut”.

2. It is preferable not to tell said troopers that, if they’re willing to give up the one benefit of their new rank—a slight increase in free time—to fly extra missions, at pay rates below even the standard overtime flight mission wages, they’ll be eligible to earn just slightly less than their original, pre-“promotion” wages.

With all due respect, troopers’ morale is at an all-time low, and for reasons which were completely avoidable. A full,honest disclosure of the facts and repercussions of their ostensible “promotion” would have averted the majority of the morale-loss, as troopers would have had a decision whether to accept a lower-paying promotion or retain a better-paying junior position.

And again, with all due respect, what kind of Federation pays its higher-ranked soldiers worse than its lower-ranked ones? From the (understandable) point of view of the majority of the soldiers, this is unbelievable. If we are that short of funds, perhaps the recent mass recruitment was an ill-conceived idea? If it was required in order to secure funding from the Homeworld, perhaps a procedure more beneficial to already-experienced soldiers would have been a better-advised course of action.

I, for one, predict a growth of the Zerg and Protoss infestations, and a decreased willingness on the part of the soldiers to fly any battle missions beyond those flatly required of them—nor am I willing to encourage them for my part. At this stage, it seems to me the Federation’s willingness to support its soldiers is at an all-time low, and I don’t see why this should cause them to be even more faithful servants of the Federation. It is my hope that no more of these kinds of surprises are in store for the troopers, several of whom are now speaking of leaving the forces or joining one of the other Federations seeking experienced, professional soldiers.

Al Legoric, Battle Sergeant 2nd class.

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