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Did You Feel That?

At just before 11:00am this morning, my whole apartment moved around a little bit. I’ve never felt anything like it, and it only lasted a few seconds, but I realized it wasn’t just in my head because my clothes, hanging in my closet, were still swaying to and fro when the movement stopped. The first thing I thought was that it might have been an earthquake.

The only thing about an earthquake I can find in South Korea is on About Joel, from almost a year ago.

What’s even weirder, I know I was here last year, during that bigger earthquake, but I don’t remember it at all!

Ah well, there’s nothing on the news, but that’s hardly surprising. I probably won’t be mentioned on news for another ten or twenty minutes, as people have to check what the tremor was, confirm, and write something up.

All I know is, I looked outside my building and there was no big crane (like the ones used to move people into apartments) so I don’t think it was caused by something striking the building.

UPDATE: Yeah, I know, I didn’t update all day. I was busy. But it turns out, as commenters noted, that it was real, though a 7.0 (not 6.4—or was that number reported later, Gumbi?) and the tremor I felt came all the way from near Fukoka, Japan. Well, then. I had a better morning than some other people, I suspect (definitely better than a bunch of people near Fukoka)!

Well, at least the surprise having come so soon after the big tsunami meant that people are paying attention to the speed of the warning system and so on.

If you wish to report it, you can go here. (Link stolen from comments beneath Joel’s entry on same.)

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