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A Friday of Fear

This Friday, Dan asks:

What are the 5 scariest moments in your life, the moments when you were most filled with fear?

You’d think that, for a guy who got into horror novels and movies at a young age, I’d have a lot of answers for this one. In fact, I’m scrambling for five of them. Let’s see. In no particular order:

So that’s my history of fear, I guess. My scariest moments are none too scary in retrospect. In fact, it seems to me, in retrospect, it’s the things I never truly feared that could have done me in.

For example, if the plane I’d been flying to Korea in had crashed; if the guys in Agra hadn’t told me to get out of the neighborhood; if I’d become a father out of wedlock; if I’d been psychologically traumatized by the movie I watched and gone crazy or religious-extremist… these things were possibly the things I should have feared most. It’s not the things you fear that threaten most pressingly, I guess. Usually, it’s the things you don’t fear that get you.

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