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The Smack Shack Attack… (and Philosophical Excerpts.)

My friend Marvin’s been a busy boy lately. Aside from posting links to things like films about Kung Fu Fighting toy hamsters on heroin, he’s also posted a magum opus on postmodernism and empiricism to New Sophists’ Almanac. You can see the first post here, and follow up with part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

Marvin and I are seriously discussing the shortcomings of postmodernism, using an essay by a historian as a springboard, and the discussion is quite involved, but also, I think, not just interesting but related to the core of what’s going on in the intellectual world today, perhaps the core dilemma or conundrum of the intellectual life of the 21st century, which is determining the shape of academic life, political policy, and of course, the way people like you and I think about reality.

A worthy topic, awaiting your thoughts and comments. Go check it out.

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