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Hello, Buenos Aires! Hello World!

Unlike some bloggers, I don’t get a lot of mail from readers. Not much love-mail, not much hate-mail. And I haven’t particularly minded; the fact that most readers either comment in the comments section, trackback to me, or just don’t feel like commenting at all is fine with me.

But sometimes mail from a reader is a real treat. Like this morning.

I woke to find an email from a very enthusiastic reader in Buenos Aires who wanted to let me know how much he enjoyed my email about my post on Kierkkegaard. He said that he will be translating it (aloud) into Spanish for the benefit of some friends of his who meet to discuss such things on Sunday nights, and have done for years upon years, and called into question my own assertions that I am not really a religious person.

If I were to respond to the last comment here (as I did in my email to him), I think more unpacking is necessary than I have time for this evening—but I wanted to say how please I feel about the idea of a group of people somewhere out there in the outskirts of Buenos Aires talking about something I’ve written, discussing it in a language I cannot even speak. I wanted to say how happy I am that someone twenty years my senior, with a family and busy professional life, found what I had to say so worthwhile that he emailed me personally.

It’s all of it a nice feeling. So I thought I’s say hello to Sebastian in Buenos Aires, and say hello to the rest of the readers out there who read what I write, think about it, but perhaps never say hello. Don’t be shy; I’ll be more than happy to hear from you. It’s half the fun of blogging!

So, now, happily I go, downtown to meet Sang Joon and his American friend, and maybe Lime as well, if she decides to take some time off her studying, or, in her words, if she “misses me” enough.

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