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I thought I’d get a chance to finish reading these stories sent to me by a fine SF writer who, because she’s Korean American, I thought might be of interest over here and decided to interview. But two things had to get done first: one, I had to respond to Marvin’s thoughts over at New Sophists’ Almanac, and two, I’m reading a friend’s manuscript so I can offer her some comments on her new novel draft. Oh, and three, we’ve had test week and I’ve decided to revamp my approach to one or two books. But after that, I’m going to get this interview done, work on migrating to WordPress (if I do decide to do that), and get a new format and layout and all up in either case. Of course I have some short stories in the works, and reviews of two books I’ve read in the last two weeks, Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A Survivor’s Tale and Edward Said’s Orientalism, and all kinds of other things I want to post about, but I’m limiting posting time and working on getting some stories published, so anyway, do check back but don’t be alarmed if my RSS feed is quiet for a while. I promise, nobody’s unplugged my feeding tube. Well, unless someone has, but well, if that happens, not getting these projects done will hardly matter, won’t it? That, or the swimming pool will have gotten me… er, never mind. Mum, Dad, I’m fine.

(scurries off)

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