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Linkdump Numba What?

Devilishly good bit of weird ex-Catholic fiction over at londonmark, a webpage that seems dedicated to the consistent production of really excellent short fiction.

Nthposition has a great piece about Kalaupapa, the Hawaiian Leper colony there, and about the history of leprosy. Lime recently read a book by a Catholic priest who lives among the remaining lepers in the Korean version of Kalaupapa, where people with Hansen’s Disease have been living for a really long time. I’m not sure but I think it’s Sorok Island, which according to this literary survey is the setting of Yi Cheong Jun’s This Paradise of Yours (1976). Nthposition also has a piece on the chaebol-North Korean alliance as a form of reunification by stealth, which is an interesting choice of words. Hell, the site’s worth subscribing to, really’ even if you disagree, the takes on things are interesting nonetheless.

I dunno, The Algebraist sounds pretty good to me, at least… if not to everyone.

Um, And if you hadn’t guessed, I’m just trawling through my old unpublished drafts because I have nothing to post about, and because a bunch of old material is sitting in there, unseen by all. I hope this makes up for my long absences this summer.

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