Yeah, it’s a spoonerism. I’m about to leave to have a little run-through with the Dabang Band. They’re having a farewell show at the local foreigner bar and Thai, who I hung out with last night, asked me to sit in on a few of the old tunes. Though I haven’t played with them, or […]

More Philosopherizaicalization

Over at New Sophist’s Almanac, the philosophy tandem blog I run with my friend Marvin, activity has begun again after some quiet summer time. Marvin posted reflections about his experiences with karate, reflections fueled in part by reading Edward Said’s Orientalism. I responded to his wonderful post with some of my own thoughts as a […]

Grab Bag

Okay, well, straight from the title of this post: Good News: I have started a new novel, and it’s not my SF-jail novel (which I think I’ll work on, off-and-on, for a while, but which isn’t my main focus now): it’s a kind of a futuristic espionage thing, but with several interesting (I think) twists. […]