Legal Rave Busted

Wow, so now it’s possible for the National Guard to storm in and shut down a totally legal party? (I’m assuming the people posting testimonials aren’t all bleeding liars. I might be wrong.) I’ve never been more than a very peripheral participant in the world of raves—a high school friend hosted some, and DJed, and […]

My Pride for Lime

Wow, I wrote this a long time ago, and I’m not sure why I didn’t post it at the time. This goes all the way back to March, when Lime was still working intensively in the hospital. But it’s still true now, and perhaps, as she’s studying for her biog, fat, important exams in the […]

Thoughts on Heresy

I rather enjoyed this essay on freethinking and heresy, from Paul Graham’s online collection of essays. Though it doesn’t always seem like it, there is a line between things I think and things I say, sort of. As I get older, at the very least, I’m learning to choose my battles; I may not be […]

As the Semester Begins

Well, another season, another semester. I got my schedule, and not to jinx myself, it looks pretty good as it stands… provided it doesn’t change somehow, suddenly, surprisingly. But I do have a number of other anxieties about the semester. And being the blogger that I am, I am going to go right ahead and […]

Linkdump Numba What?

Devilishly good bit of weird ex-Catholic fiction over at londonmark, a webpage that seems dedicated to the consistent production of really excellent short fiction. Nthposition has a great piece about Kalaupapa, the Hawaiian Leper colony there, and about the history of leprosy. Lime recently read a book by a Catholic priest who lives among the […]