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Not only did I manage to import all of my old entries from eclexys, but I also have a set of categories from there. Whew, that ported over fine. Now the only problem–and it’s not so much of a problem, really–is a huge pile of unfinished draft posts that stare at me in the face every time I log into the writing section of this blog. Maybe I’ll blog back and finish a few of those, or maybe I’ll end up deleting some. Anyway… the blog is mostly back.

And I’ve started using Elvgren as my template, for now. I’ll work on bringing a few templates in, and customizing them to my eclexys style–which will be a little different from how it was in MT, but I’ll have to learn how to use php a little first, I think. All in all, it’s been an alright day.


Still left to go:

But it’s time for a break now.

UPDATE 2: In frustration after I couldn’t get something to work, and couldn’t find my missing iron (see upcoming post) I added another picture to the image rotation running in the corner of my pages. If you reload, you can see one pic of my own, of some Korean Hahwae (“Hahoe”) masks and lanterns in a market in Seoul, and another which is courtesy of The Big Hairy Hominid; the latter is a picture which I actually had been meaning to add to my page, but couldn’t find an arful way to do it. It has all the weird, spooky gracefulness of my old blog’s page banners. I hope I can find a different style to implement in WordPress that’ll let me reuse all those old banners, actually. But I’m also looking forward to making smaller pics that fit this small corner of the page. There is a refreshingness to this new style, and I’d be lying were I to say I wasn’t excited.

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