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Slipstream (2005): I want my 89 minutes back!

Just after watching the intro to the movie Slipstream, the 2005 film of that name, after all that cool blabbing about time, the following line struck me as so absolutely, painfully wrong:

You’ve heard of the World Wide Web? Well, you’re the fly that just got stuck in it.

Sorry, but I think by now anyone who hasn’t heard of the World Wide Web probably also isn’t watching time travel bank-heist movies. The line ought to be, “You know the World Wide Web?” or, “This is the World Wide Web,” or something a little less 1993.

It was at that moment that I should have simply deleted this damned film and walked away. But no, I made myself watch it. And what was the result? Well, I can choose one watershed easily: it’s the worst film I’ve watched since I left Canada in late 2001. And I’ve seen a lot of films since then.

The reactions recorded over at IMDB (linked above) are all quite appropriate: “How could anyone like this?” one commenter asked, and another noted that this was possible the worst shootout ever filmed in a movie. It was all-in-all painful, and would have been excusable only if it had been done on a hobbyist’s budget. The fact that something like this could get made at all, and onto the SCIFI network no less, is pathetic. Good SF film is what we need, not more crap.

Seriously, when I warn you away from this film, it’s because I feel keenly the time I wasted watching it. Not even a free download would make this movie worthwhile, trust me!

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