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Charlie’s Still At It

Charlie in the Desert Yes, Charlie has doggedly continued on his adventure around the edge of Australia. He’s currently working his way through searing hot desert, or so the email says. Look at this guy. This guy would cycle up a mountain if bikes were made to do that kind of work. He’d zoom past sherpas and mountain goats, pedaling like a madman just to say he’d crested the peak.

You might think I’m exaggerating here, but I’m not.

I’m really not.

Charlie’s always been an exceptionally good friend to me, and now to see him succeeding in something that is, by any measurement, pretty damned remarkable is singularly wonderful for me. I get to be proud, I get to celebrate, but the best part is, I don’t have to be riding a bike to be getting a thrill out of this.

I think the thing that makes me happiest about seeing this having come into reality is knowing that not all harebrained schemes need to flop. It might seem crazy to think of cycling on a tour all the way around Australia on a bicycle. But you know, it can be done. It actually can be done, and one of my dear friends is doing it right now.

And if you doubt his insanity, check out this map. The little green line starting in Melbourne and continuing across an ungodly stretch of distance? That’s tenacity.

Well, actually, to be more straightforward, that’s his progress, with the little red dots marking 1000km stretches. Yes, he’s gone over 10,000km. On bicycle. Click on the map for a closer look.

Next time I feel too lazy to get up and go out and get some exercise, I’m going to look at this map and wake the hell up. Thanks, Charlie. Hang in there… you’re really doing this thing, man.

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