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Julia’s Got It: Comment #2000

Julia’s comment on this post was comment #2000 on my blog. This entitles her to one very nice Korean handpainted fan which I’ll be posting her very soon. (I plan on posting a lot of things very soon, but I really will indeed be posting these things, doubt me not!)

I am glad that someone who has posted as many comments as Julia lucked out in this case, as she has made a strong impression on me as a regular reader, and a helpful one, too, pointing out link errors or suggesting other interpretations of things.

But I also want to extend my thanks to all my commenters and regular readers, you help make blogging a very enjoyable pastime, or perhaps what you do is give me a different perspective on the inner life I record about here. Keep on commenting: you may just end up poting comment #2500, or #3000, or whatever.

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