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Eluvium and other worthwhile music

I’m going to post about one album I’ve really enjoyed lately, and then post a few words about other neat finds.

The Big Pleasure: Eluvium’s Lambent Material

Maybe you don’t like The Orb; I can understand that, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking all ambient music is like The Orb. For example, consider Brian Eno. Consider the soundscapes of John Cage. And please, definitely consider the music of Matthew Cooper, who records under the pseudonym Eluvium.

My first impressions listening to it, right now, are that it is a kind of sweet, slow, Brian Enoesque thing, but with something just a little different mixed in. There are bits that remind me of other artists I’ve heard and forgotten; it feels as if Cooper remembered the bits worth remembering, and put them into the smelter to come up with the ore out of which he hammered his debut album, Lambent Material. The track under the water it glowed whispers loudly of Flying Saucer Attack, and in other places I hear ghosts (or more) of Erik Satie and Brian Eno wandering. This is someone who could, I think, hold his own in a jam session with Sigur Ros, or with the ghost of Nick Drake, even.

“there wasn’t anything” is a track that stands out for me, one that is astonishingly mood-inducing. The mood is strange, a little sad and a little resigned, and it feels like the mood of a very, very old man for some reason. “zerthis was a shivering human” is the really Flying Saucer Attack-ish track. But you know what? The whole thing is worth listening to a few times.

Other Pleasures

Some things I’ve listened to lately that are really worth a listen, and which I may write about later:

Well, that should keep you all busy for a while. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to comment, recommend, criticise, disagree, or whatever.

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