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Well, it looks like the week before and the week after Christmas will be a little different than I imagined. I’ll have a fair amount of packing to do, I’ll probably need to find an apartment for March, and it looks like I’ll be in Canada for something like 2 weeks. Lime is going to be able to leave around Feb 1st and will need to be back by about Feb 18th.

Since a person cannot pack, pack, pack all day, one of the things I plan on doing is some writing and revision. I’ll have basically two weeks before New Year’s, and maybe week after Winter Camp, which, you know, is three solid weeks of time to spend on writing. Last time I had three solid weeks (a year ago), I drafted a novel.

One of the things I’m considering doing is working on editing that novel; it needs some polishing, and a few more episodes added, in order to really work. So that’s one project I could take on.

I also have a short story called Instead of Pinochets which I would like to whip into shape (meaning edit into shape) and send out soon.

In addition to that, there’s the following:

I have decided to abandon the story I was thinking of writing based on the apocryphal belief that during the Colonial Period, Japanese astrologers set about driving metal spikes into mountains in order to weaken Korea’s national “chi”. Despite some of the interesting things stated in this essay, I think the whole notion is urban legends and that they’re effectively explained by this comment over at Japundit. I hardly believe the Japanese sent Astrological Corps to Korea to mess up the mountain chi. It sounds like America sending droves of tourists to some African country armed with cameras for the purpose of stealing souls — the misunderstanding of an encounter with a technologically more advanced society (the Japanese beat the Russians in naval warfare, don’t forget) becoming legend. But it still is an interesting legend, and I think I may work the whole misunderstanding into a fiction story set in a more fantastical setting. The notion I have for my NaNoWriMo project next year is coming together and I think it’s going to be a decent novel draft, actually, especially if I think and prepare a lot in the coming year.

I plan also to print and send out some stories which need to go to magazines soon. I have a stack of short stories which ought to have been sent out years ago, and I mean to have them in envelopes and ready to go with me to Canada, from which I can post them more easily. I’ll also have an address where reponses can be posted to me, by then.

One last thing I want to do in my free time: review the Taiping Rebellion books I have here. I intend to go to Nanjing sometime soon, perhaps next summer during one of Lime’s busy periods. I’d like to know what questions I have, what I want to learn while I’m there, and to make a plan as far as what to do — shall I see Shanghai? shall I try to meet scholars on the subject to pose questions? — and review is the best way to prepare. It shall be my spring semester hobby.

And now, I must hurry off… I have to get my day on, and a busy day at that.

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