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세해 �¦? ç¦? ç¦? ç¦? ç¦?…

… 많ì?´ 받으새요!

Yeah, I ganked it from Sean. I don’t know a damned thing about hanja characters, except how to write “person” (人) and “woman” (女) and “chi” (æ°£).

Anyway, happy Lunar New Year. Today is the Lunar New Year’s Day, and I’m finishing off book #49 and #50 today; expect a flurry of posts on those books. I will NOT be doing another “read fifty books this Lunar New Year” challenge, because Lunar New Year is a changing period, and because I found it made me shy away from longer, more involved reading projects, with the exception of Ezra Pound. I will have a reading project for the year, of course, but more about that once I’ve started it.

In any case, this is a foreigner-ey Lunar New Year for me: I’m hanging around at home, packing stuff, preparing for the trip — Lime and I head to Thailand early tomorrow morning — and as a result I’m not eating all that nice tasty Seolnal food and not going out to anyone’s grave.

I was going to meet Lime’s mother today, but as it turns out, the timing is bad. Her mom is in a bit of a state as someone she’s close to took very ill, and Lime said she thinks today is not a good day to meet her for the first time. So, it’s a quiet New Year’s Day of feeding my friend Heather’s cat and packing my crap and cleaning up and maybe copying some discs. In my opinion, this quiet freedom is close to heavenly.

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