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Bloggers of Seoul: Untie and Take Over.

Yes, Untie. Or something. I have a song in my head, and I hope you know it’s the Smiths.

Three and a half hours of editing and we’re now done one of the two articles for the University Magazine. I didn’t think it would take this long to do the second read-through and edit the conclusion, and so I said a smoky upper room in a cafe would be okay, but now, I smell like smoke and I feel exhausted. I think I’m going to go wander, pick up a few nice foreign foodstuffs, and perhaps putter about at WhatTheBook. I thought living in Bucheon would lessen the ohmygod factor of visiting Seoul, but nope, the foreign foodstuffs and English bookstores still call out to me every time I visit.

Okay, so maybe I’m not up for a Revolution what with all my newfound bourgeois pleasures at hand, but it would be nice to meet up with some of those KoreaBloggers out there who live in and around Seoul. Anyone out there up for something like that? I know, I know, today’s not gonna work, and anyway I’ll be going back to Bucheon in a few hours. But a better-planned outing would be nice, cool, good. Maybe we can even work out a time and place booking for a bunch of us? Wooj is in the country, tho it’s only two weeks and who knows what his plans are… I am sure he has a lot of them. But still, if we hurry, and kidnap a prominent soprano or two, we might get a chance to be paralyzed by his Jedi powers.

Uh, wait. I’m scared of this plan. I’m going to just quietly, innocuously buy some sundried-tomato pesto and return to my little apartment and sleep on the floor. I never suggested anything like kidnapping. I am not, and have never been, a member of the bloggers of Korea(*).

(*) Actually, I’ve felt like one less and less as time goes by. Some KBloggers talk about culture, some talk about history and current events. My blog is mainly about my life, my work, my puttering around in Korea, and the odd culture clash I run up against — but it’s far more often about SF, books, and random news. I haven’t actually felt like a KBlogger in a while. But I would like to meet people from that tribe, nonetheless.

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