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Calling any LJ users!!!

The Livejournal feed for my blog died last September when I migrated to WordPress, but the Gorduncle feed has not been updated. I can’t remember who created it — maybe Julia, or Kat? — but in any case, it needs either to be updated or a new one needs to be created. If any LJ user feels it’s worthwhile and does so, please let me know… but wait, and let me know first. I’ve been thinking about implementing a feedburner feed for my site, so I can get more feedback on my RSS readership and so on, BEFORE getting into the occasional podcast. So let me know first if you’re thinking about it, and then I’ll give you the new feed info.


UPDATE: Whoops, I guess Julia did it long ago, and the feed is here. Well, there you go. I wonder if the feed source could be changed, though, if I went with Feedburner’s service. Is there any reader who is an LJ expert and who happens to know offhand?

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