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Red Pen Machete

I spent a lot of time last weekend grading. Okay, not as much as I might have liked, but a lot nonetheless.

Believe it or not, that’s the good news. The bad news is that I’m a tad behind on my lesson planning again. But I am getting more comfortable with this kind of workload and at least I’m having some fun planning for classes in new terrain. This is more than worth the loss of comfort in having only one or two preps per week.

To be honest, my toughest preps are for the Media class — just because it takes so much time to come up with materials, and to find a spin on them that’s worthy of a University class setting — and the Advanced Writing course, because I find the students are reluctant to dive in, and because I don’t have a textbook to lean on when I get a little sidetracked or unsure of where to go next.

Of the two, the Media class is going well, I think, but the Advanced Writing class needs to take a serious change in direction. I’ll be thinking about that tonight and tomorrow afternoon as I prepare for that evening class.

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