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First of the Wave

Outgoing submissions have just begun. I just sent a very unlikely submission to a very unlikely magazine, but hey, why not take a shot in the dark here and there? It’s dark, it’s off-color, more brutal than most things I’ve written to date, and viciously political and, I think, effective as satire. But still, the only reason I went ahead and sent it to this particular magazine was because they accept submissions by email (as my friend John informed me of that a long time ago) and I figured it was worth the random long shot, as this is the only piece I have that’s even remotely fit for that publication. Even remotely.

But only just remotely; honestly, I am expecting a rejection email, and probably a form letter one, but at the same time, that’s okay. Then I’ll just send the piece to a likelier mag.

The rest of my big wave of submissions should be going on Friday night. Wish me perseverance in waiting for my printer to do as it is bidden.

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