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For Those Reading By RSS

A couple of private posts, including a new (very) short story, are up which might interest you. Private posts never show up on RSS, so I’m mentioning it on the open feed.

Which reminds me, I may try to find a way of having WordPress note when a private post has been made, without it showing the content, just so that RSS subscribers can know that there is something new, even if they can’t see it on the feed. It would seem to be a very useful function, and I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t thought of it yet. Though it might well be obsolete in the new version of WordPress. Hmmm.

UPDATE: It looks as if there’s a plugin for the one function that was missing in WordPress 2.0, the missing function that was keeping me from moving on up to the new version. The wonderful thing about this plugin is that it will allow subscribed members to see private posts in their RSS readers, provided their reader can handle http authentication. (Most can, apparently.) This is nice. Now to see if Livejournal supports this functionality. I’d prefer it, since I miss a lot of private posts when they don’t come up on my own RSS feed.

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