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Too Late But Fun

During a marking break, I finally got a chance to experiment with the mashup tool that Yahoo created for the San Francisco International Film Festival. I was too late to be eligible for my video mashup to be entered into the contest and played on the big screen, but it was fun nonetheless. The mashup is in the gallery, and I registered under the name gordsellar.

The title of the mashup is “(No electric sheep)” and it’s just a man’s dream about women. Silly, but it was fun to play with this technology.

Too late but fun has two meanings, by the way…

I was reflecting on the idea of a “clipfilm” that I wrote about in a long-abandoned novel. It was just a throwaway, but characters were watching a movie pasted together from clips taken from dozens of Hollywood movies in the underground movie industry, which I toyed with calling Vollywood but didn’t. I really wish I’d gone and published that idea back in 1999 when I had it, as it would’ve been prophetic.

Ah well, it was just a throwaway idea anyhow.

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