Chirality @ Clarion

Brief note: mainly posting this so as not to lose the link or have to hunt for it: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2001 was awarded for work in chirality, which is something that looks like it will be an important science bitlet in the story I’m writing now. The link above is a really […]

Clarion, Day 6

I’m about a week into Clarion; the first week of instruction, which was with Paul Park, has finished but it’s only Saturday so the first week isn’t over. Paul has this excellent ability to cut to the heart of the matter of things, or, perhaps, more importantly, to get us to look at the heart […]

Probably the Last Post for a While

I am jetlagged, but not as badly as I could have been, and I am here. Got a room, got a futon mattress for the floor, got a desk and chair. HAven’t unpacked. Will think about it after breakfast. Got wireless internet, which is how I am connecting now. Got lots of bread. TONS of […]

Clarion Blog Hiatus

I’m not planning on blogging regularly here while I’m at the Clarion workshop, though intermittent posts might make their way here on the backs of digital pigeons. But basically, for the next six weeks, I’ll be writing other things. And that also means if you email me, I may not reply for a while. Even […]

The Terrible Trio

Meetings with the three students who participated in the mini-outburst in class the other night were mixed. One student was very reasonable, asked me to reconsider the grade on a paper she’d submitted a long time before, and said that she felt the emotional hysterics of the evening before were out of line. The second […]