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Progress Bars & More

I’ve added a feature on this site to make up for the reduced posting coming your way in the future: it’s a progress bars section in the sidebar, which was created using the wonderful ProgressFly plugin courtesy of the Scribbling Damselfly.

You may turn up at this page wondering if I’m still alive since my last post. Just have a look at the progress bars. As long as they’re changing every couple of days, you’ll know I’m still walking among the living.

As of right now, I’ve redrafted one of my Clarion stories (the short one) and have 5 more to go. I’ve also written most of a new draft, a little of a second one, and none of a third one that I have in mind. I think I’ll alternate revisions and new stories for the next little while and see what I come up with.

UPDATE: I’ve also used Sozu Web Design’s AMM 1.5 plugin to add a Currently Reading section to the sidebar. Scroll down to check it out.

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