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Rest In Peace, Shawn

I have been out of touch so long with the blogosphere that the sad passing of Shawn, who used to write the Korea Life Blog way back when, until he moved to China and wrote the China Life Blog, did not reach my attention.

I didn’t know Shawn beyond a very brief few moments in Yongsan station, where I met him and his then-girlfriend. He sold me his old desktop computer. I don’t know how much later it was that he moved to China.

I never really read his blog, but I did get some of the inspiration for making my own blog from having seen a few in Korea, of which his was one of the most prominent.

Anyway, earlier today, replying to an email a year old, in which he was mentioned in passing, I decided to look him up, and found this:

Editor’s Note: A few days before he died, Shawn had deleted almost all the China Life Blog files on the Typepad servers that hosted his blog. This site contains many of those deleted posts, which I recovered on my hard drive. Shawn made these posts to his China Life Blog between August, 2005 and April, 2006. Although many posts made during that period are not included here, the entries that do appear here are complete, including the date that Shawn made the post and the photos that he included next to the text. The text from the comments sections was not recovered.

Nomad’s post on the subject was helpful, and led me to a more complete explanation of the situation as presented, with some painful honesty, by one of his friends over in China, in this post: 没事 (Mei Shi) No Problem: Shawn’s Final Story.

All I can say is that I know facing troubles when in a foreign land, when feeling alone, is very difficult. I can’t speak badly of the man, and damn, all I can think is that I feel a little bit in shock, even now, even with how little I knew him.

It’s always shocking when someone you once met dies.

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