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A nation of phone junkies…

Here’s an interesting article from December, probably blogged elsewhere, but which caught my attention. It’s titled Korea becoming a nation of phone junkies:

South Korean teenagers are so attached to their mobile phones that some researchers are classifying them as ‘addicts’, according to recent reports.

Almost a third are obsessed with their phones to the point that they sometimes imagine hearing them ringing when they are not.

There’s more, including a student group campaigning for monthly voluntary phone-free days, in order to help people get people back in touch with other forms of social interaction. Kind of like how Adbusters has a Buy Nothing Day every year.

So it seems for every insanity, someone sane reacts, quietly and purposefully. Even if it won’t solve the problem, it’s somewhat reassuring.

Oh, why did I find this article? Trying to find a way to config my phone manually. I don’t like the way SK seems to have total control over how I download music, and that I have to (a) pay SK for every ringtone I download, but also that (b) I have only SK’s paltry offerings to select from.

However, lacking any info on the file format for SKY phone ringtones, I doubt I’ll be able to do much on my own.

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