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Earlier in the summer, my classmate Guy sent out a couple of links (the first, the second) to webpages hosting stories that have been published in Nature‘s “Futures” column, a short story section at the back of the magazine.

Well, today I didn’t get much time in the library today, but just enough to discover that the Uni does indeed have a subscription to Nature. I suppose I’ll be in the library half a day tomorrow just checking out the Futures stories… and maybe thumbing through the odd article that catches my interest. It’s just across campus, so it’s convenient at only ten minutes’ walk.

There’s only one thing… does the printed journal also exist in translation? Only one way to find out, I suppose.

내?¼ ë?„서관ì—? 가야합니다.

UPDATE (24/8/2006): There’s good news and ennnnh news. The good news is that they have a ton of Nature magazines (as long as other science mags) in English, dating back to 1998 or so. The ennnnh news is that the subscriptions were allowed to lapse at the end of last year, so there’s little or nothing from 2006. But that’s still a pretty huge range of short stories — and slightly dated science news — from which to sample.

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