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One of my students from last semester asked, after I’d failed to mention it, whether I’d be running a class website like I had last semester. She seemed to be relieved that I’d be leaving it up, including the list of useful links in the sidebar. I’d say that in itself is a sign that the site was a useful resource for students. Now I just need to go in there and retool it so updating is less of a hassle. Should be easy, if I can work in a few template thingies and so on. Maybe this weekend…

Another amusing moment in the class was when it came out that some of the students in the class are Chinese exchange students. One Korean student, when she found out neither of them could speak Korean, asked me, in shock, “But how can we communicate with them?” I told her should would have to use English, and then thanked them for forcing the whole class to use English at all times. It was beautiful, and helpful. I betcha Korea’s English-language education programs would discover massive improvement in student performance through enforced usage of English if only Chinese and other non-Korean students could be sprinkled liberally among the Korean students.

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