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Minor Blog Change

Those paying attention to the sidebar may notice I’ve hacked out the “currently reading” section. It was giving me too much guilt as I skipped from book to book that wasn’t on my list, plus it wasn’t the most convenient system, as it wouldn’t allow me to build up much of a record of all the books I own. Therefore, I’ve decided to switch over to Librarything, and display random books from my library. Some of them are read, some of them have not been read, and whatever I’m currently reading may or may not show up on the screen… but what I’m currently reading changes from day to day, and that’s too much updating.

UPDATE: I’ve changed it again, to display random book covers from my library. I like that best, I think.

So there you go!

UPDATE 2: I’ve entered about half the books I own: all the ones in my apartment. I keep unread books where I live, and the books I have already read are over in my office, across campus. Entering those would be an easy, minor task during office hours, but the problem is that the Internet connection still isn’t working there, so it’ll be a few weeks before I’ve entered all those books in as well. Until then, you’re seeing my massive Lalpile, some of which dates back a decade. I’m determined to read all these books in the next few years, and get rid of those I don’t plan on reading again, or don’t blow me away.

Of course, there are more books — a bunch more, over at my mother’s house, in the garage. I won’t catalog them for a long time, though.

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