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Get Them Where It Hurts

Marmot linked to More Kim hijinks, this time, supposedly, by a network of spies in South Korea. Maybe. If this is true. It wouldn’t surprise me much, but who knows…

In other news, it may have been because of mistaken analysis assuming impending collapse that non-engagement with North Korea was the main US strategy.

So I’m thinking I have it… the solution.

Cut a deal with Hennessy cognac. Engineer something that will infect, and kill slowly — optimally, something as slow-acting as AIDS, but harder to detect, and engineered to survive transmission via alcohol, but to die if it’s out of either alcohol or bloodstream — ie. not a new STD, just a LTD — liquor-transmitted disease.

Then infect every damned bottle of the stuff sent to North Korea for one full year. Wouldn’t that infect Kim, his upper cadres, his generals? Isn’t everyone who’s anyone drinking that stuff there?

Oh, damn, wait. The official strategy is to let the guy live for now, right? Right, Gotcha.

Wait, what if there was an antidote? What if the only way he’d be allowed to have it would be to disarm, to reform, to reeducate the people, to disband the army… wouldn’t that be the gun to his head that’s needed?

Ah well, it’s all science-fiction, but it feels so futile, like nothing can actually be done. So we wait. For what?

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