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A Game For the Patient

I have a story I sent to a magazine at the end of September. I got an email in late October saying there was a hold on it, as it was promising and was being put on a shortlist for consideration. I got an email today saying that the shortlists have been finalized, and that my story’s still on the shortlist. The email said they were hoping to have a decision on everything by the end of the year… hoping, but no guarantees.

And I’m not complaining. There are faster markets, but most of them aren’t. Slush piles are just, you know, very big. Writing takes patience, but submission takes even more. Oh, so much, it takes.

That said, I need to spend tomorrow evening in my office, printing off all the stories I plan to send out to various mags, so that I can send them by the end of the month. I have a pile waiting to go out, but it’s an electronic pile, and once the pile is printed, it’ll stand a much better chance of actually going out the door. At least I’ve printed my address onto a bunch of SASEs. That’s a big start. Now there’s absolutely no excuse not to start sending out stories. And waiting. And collecting rejection slips.

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