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So my students blew everyone away with the scenes from their plays on Friday night. Now I know why: they practiced those 2-minute scenes like mad, and neglected the remainder of their plays. Which means now they have one week to master the other 18 minutes of their plays.

Oh, and one student has done that very annoying thing that some students do, and that it seems someone, every semester, does when others are depending on their participation. She’s decided to stop showing up for rehearsals, both in-class and out-of-class. Luckily, another, very talented student has agreed to cover her part. She’ll be lucky to get a C even if she comes back at this point, what with her poor participation and her skipping rehearsals. It’s just such a letdown to the rest of her group.

Best quote of all of tonight’s LONG dress rehearsal: “Killing people with your bare hands takes longer than two seconds. You guys have to practice killing each other.” Really, it was so wooden and fake. No attempt even at trying to make it even a little believable. In a play with a killing in every scene. 아?´ê³ , 아ì?´ê³ . They wrote all the killings in. I don’t get why they don’t try to make them realistic.

I swear, next time I teach a drama course, I’m going to write a script. Something Brechtian, maybe. Song and dance interruptions, waterguns and marriage proposals and vampires kissing. Or maybe some kind of equal rights for zombies thing. We’ll see.

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