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Inter-Hakwon Warfare

The Hankyoreh has a story about accused teaching method-piracy:

An English teacher at a language institute in Seoul has been indicted on allegations that lectures she delivered to her students were stolen from a neighboring institute.

I think I have a defense. Look for the original text which the original institute’s examples were stolen from.

Teachers are unrepentant thieves. They also are often happy to share, since they stole themselves. I am somewhat doubtful that the teaching material was wholly original in this case. If it was, they should have published a textbook, in order to further learning. If that sounds grandiose, then the material stolen wasn’t all that prioprietary to begin with, and it means the theft was just stupid, but not quite “piracy”. I mean, this is not a new medication or surgical technique. Anyone who wants learning to be advanced would share this information.

What’s weird, though, is the idea of a hakwon teacher working as an industrial spy. That just makes me giggle.

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