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Rejection #6, Submission #Something

Got a rejection the other day from Fantasy magazine of my story “Triangle Man”, which is cool. Could probably do with another look and some reshaping before I send it off elsewhere. It’s a very odd little story and I’m not sure it’s actually fully bloomed, though I’m also not sure it ought to be fully bloomed, in order to work. Not disturbed at all.

I also submitted my story “The Wager” to the Tesseracts11 anthology electronically over the weekend and with the health issues I haven’t gotten to a post office to send the hard copy.

I need to send the new (9000-words-ish) draft of Ogallala somewhere. Currently re-drafting “The Crystal Methuselah” and then need to decide where to send it, too.

Got two rejected, never-before-critted stories to submit for crit, so I might as well send one of them to the gang. Let’s say, “Soul Competency”. I am sure I’ll be told to cut certain bits. I’m sure some of that will be good advice. But when I try to imagine which bit is cuttable, I just can’t. “Triangle Man” needs some looking at on my own, instead. I’m getting a better sense of when I need to be mulling stuff over myself, instead of having it critted. This is probably a good thing. And feeling less in a rush to get crits and to send things out, now. But still feeling excited about constantly working on something, at least, which is good.

And feeling good about sleeping more.

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