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Weird Medical Fact of the Day

Yes, another that I realized I hadn’t posted yesterday. In the course of explaining her feeling that anyone considering plastic surgery should be required to see a surgery, be present for one and really experience how gross it is to cut open a human body and fiddle with it, Lime mentioned a weird fact to me… it surprised me, but of course, I know rather little about the practicalities of the practice of modern medicine.

Anyway… apparently during operations, it stinks. It stinks something awful. You know what it stinks like?

Cooking meat. See, in some operations, they use these electrocoagulator thingies to stop blood flow temporarily so they can work on an area, and the scent given off is that of cooking meat. And you can just imagine the kind of humor that comes from that. But even when they don’t use those, it’s stinky.

Ugh! If you ask me, that’s a little disturbing, but that’s just how it is.

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