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That’s my life these days. So I got to Incheon yesterday afternoon, picked up my keys from Lime, and got home last night.

Today, worked on getting seat upgrades for the flights Lime and I are taking to and around Canada.

We’re flying to Saskatoon on Friday. We’ll be back nine days later. This is crazy talk. If you’re in or near Saskatoon, Montreal, or Vancouver, and I don’t contact you, don’t feel put out. It’s a very rushed trip. I’ll be emailing whoever I can tomorrow. If I miss you, feel free to inquire. But I have a feeling for some friends whom I miss, it’ll have to be a “next time” thing. We had very little control over anything in terms of booking this trip, and it’s Lime’s last chance for a while to meet my mother and the rest of my family.

My poor Mom. She was shocked to hear we were coming so soon. Maybe more shocked than I was.

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