Anyone Order Me a Book Lately?

I received a few things in the mail today. A disappointingly limited selection of my own compositions — lots of things from my third year compositions, but absolutely nothing from my second year, which means that when my box of audio tapes were turfed last year, the recordings of my earliest compositions were utterly lost […]

Jeonju Trip

Met Lime’s dad and brother today for the first time, as well as seeing her mom again. The family was quite welcoming and nice, and my trepidation about meeting her dad was all for nothing. He seemed quite pleased to meet me and was very warm toward me, even grabbing my hand and holding it […]

Solvjaynghi’s Christmas Wish

Writing update. I finished redrafting a few things lately — specifically my Machine of Death submission, which is all but ready to go out after one more proofread, and “Cai and her Ten Thousand Husbands” which I’ve already sent to Clarkesworld. After that, I got stuck on my new projects, but happily, a story I […]

Humungoid Wardrobe Blues

Though they seemed a great boon at the time when we acquired them, I’m starting to think the humungoid 3-piece wardrobe set Lime and I got for free is a bit of a millstone around our necks at the moment. I managed to move the small one into the new place alone, but the big […]