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Yeah, I know, there’s some weirdness on my site. I updated to WordPress 2.1 and some of my plugins are acting a little kooky. But it’ll take a day or two to get everything back to (ab)normal. Please bear with me till then.


UPDATE: Never mind, it was a plugin conflict and I fixed it up pretty quickly. But expect some changes in the look and feel of this blog, to reflect my commitment to posting less. And expect some more-accessible archives, to make wha I happen to write when I fail at that resolution more available to readers.

UPDATE 2: Nope, I didn’t fix it all. Some kind of bad effect from one of my plugins seems to still be in effect, but I’m leaving it on so that the person who wrote the plugin might be able to figure out why. So, apologies for the interruption, for the moment. Don’t stop commenting: they’ll be visible soon, and anyway, I appreciate your thoughts.

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