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Humungoid Wardrobe Blues

Though they seemed a great boon at the time when we acquired them, I’m starting to think the humungoid 3-piece wardrobe set Lime and I got for free is a bit of a millstone around our necks at the moment. I managed to move the small one into the new place alone, but the big ones are hard to move. I certainly cannot get the one inside my apartment out alone. A neighbour from down the hall helped me try to move the big one from the public lounge into the new place, and we couldn’t even get it in the door.

(There was one approach that came to me later, which might have worked, but which didn’t occur to me at the time, and now it’s too late to try, though it might actually even be doable, alone).

But honestly, I think I’m just about ready to throw a little cash at the problem. I don’t really feel like hurting my back moving the fridge from my old place to our new one anyway, and I’m pretty sure moving guys could figure out a workable angle. Movers are cheap, too, around here, so it’s not such a big deal. That, and there’s the bonus that if necessary, I can always pay them to hump the thing up to the attic… If it’s even possible to get the thing in through the attic door, that is.

Damn, I think I need a tape measure.

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