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Zombies Sold! (To Postcards From Hell)

It appears that this is an excellent month for me. I’ve just sold my a zombie story titled “Dyscrasia” to the very cool Postcards From Hell. The concept is very cool, and if you haven’t subscribed, I suggest checking it out. (I already subscribed, long ago.) Last count, they need fifty more subscribers to break even and continue doing postcard-fiction series, and I’m pretty sure, with the lineup they’ve got, a subscription is worth every last penny of the $6.66 you’re asked to pay.

Meanwhile, though the call for fiction submissions is over, Postcards from Hell is still looking for some artwork. Check out what’s still needed, and submit something!

And while I’m still on about my writing, why not pledge to sponsor me in the Clarion West Write-A-Thon?

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