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‘Nother Story Accepted

I’m waiting to say where, but it’ll be online sometime next month. And it’s a story close to my heart, being one of the most autobiographical (in a transreal way) things I’ve ever written. More when it’s online, but it’s so nice to get the news the day before WorldCon began. (I found out yesterday.)

This is my 5th story accepted this year. I originally set my goal to 3, but revised it to 6 when I achieved that first goal by about mid-year. My next big goal will involve selling something to the Big 3 (Analog, Asimov’s, and F&SF) plus Interzone. Oh, and selling one of the novellas I’ve written, since I mostly write long things but mostly have sold short ones.

Still, for now I’m very pleased.

UPDATE: For those who’re wondering, the story mentioned here was indeed “The Egan Thief,” for which my permanent post appears here.

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