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Not Pinkeye / Dyscrasia in print!

Today is very up and down. Or, rather, down and up.

I woke to find my eye very red, and secreting some kind of yellow gunk.  I showed Lime, who told me that pinkeye is going around. This scared me, but I went to my noon class knowing I would be going to the hospital for a short appointment anyway, and could probably get a little time with the opthamologist as well.

The doctor looked at my eye,  and them got one of the nurses to put something in it to dilate the pupil and then looked in it again a little while later, and told me that it’s not the same pinkeye that has been going around (and has caused a number of school closures in Korea lately). He actually said that he can’t really diagnose it right now, but that he will be able to figure out what it is by how it responds to treatment. Which raises the question of how effective any treatment will be to start with, but whatever, I guess.

I also taught a class (and ran into a bunch of my old students) with a dilated pupil. When your pupil is dilated, it’s hard to read, and faces are hard to recognize unless they’re close up, too. So today was a bit, well, gaaah.

However, I popped by the office and what do you know, but I found a Postcard from Hell in my mailbox… mine! (With a cute little illustration by my multitalented classmate and friend Tina Connolly.) So now I’m feeling like, even if I’m down an eye for the rest of the day, it’s still a good day.

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