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Meeting Mr. Lal

My first day in Sapporo, my third day in Japan, I was lucky enough to meet up with Lal, a very cool guy who’s been out there online for years — about 6 years, as he notes, of contact on the Culture List (and I think he showed up on the Brin-L too) and who happened to be in Sapporo studying. It was a great evening, though a pity there was only one chance to meet. Just before he caught the subway back to his dorm to finish packing, he asked a random passerby to take this picture. And there you are: my best highlight for Sapporo, 2007.

Though, as Lime noted, I look awful in the picture. Those shirts are really comfortable for hiking or whatever, but they look, um, well, they’re not made for the bigger among us. Such as me.

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