Achievements, Goals

Well, it’s goals and achievements time. For those who aren’t curious about this part of the writing process — where you look on your achievements and make new goals — feel free to skip this post and not look back.

One More Year

(I would have posted the title in Korean but something about my Linux installation on my office desktop is ganked and I never managed to get the Korean language input interface installed.) I got the news this morning. It looks like, pending official approval by the Prez1, my contract is being renewed for one more […]

Kangnam Microbrew with Charles

Charles at Liminality posted about our recent meetup in Kangnam at a beer/food buffet called Platinum. It’s a pretty good discussion — with pictures, good pictures — of a place well worth visiting (if you like beer) and all I have to add is that: Scots are human too. In fact, if you’re notScottish, you’re […]

Yay Interzone!

Yay to Interzone, for accepting my story “The Country of the Young” — a story I wrote for week 2 at Clarion West 2006. I couldn’t be happier, as I’ve been a fan of Interzone since I first got my hands on a copy, and the feedback included was very encouraging. Lime and I celebrated […]